Tarea.pro Features

Here's what Tarea.pro can do for you and your team

There are hundreds of to-do lists and project management apps out there, here's why Tarea.pro is a good alternative.

Live-Ops ready

Another feature we miss from everywhere else is to be able to work effectively by the minute, most to-do apps and project management tools provide daily reminders but sometimes in fast-paced and live operational teams we need to be notified of something in 5 minutes, not 60.

Spectator mode

Sometimes you may want to share information with third parties (investors, clients…) so they can track progress of a project or the company itself, you can add members with view-only permissions, they won't be able to modify anything but will be able to see how everything is evolving.

Simple and Minimal

We dont't want nor need any bells and whistles, we want something that is simple to use amongst everyone in our team, be it the Agile Scrum Master that wants everything estimated or the salesman on the phone that just wants his pitch to be perfect. We need something simple and effective,


Tarea.pro's purpose is to make you and your team productive and effective by organizing and structuring everything that needs to be done. This is why we have decided to keep other extra functionalities, such as adding comments, out of the features for Tarea.pro. Most teams already use Slack or other communication tools to do that and we know from experience that things get messy when you start posting comments in different platforms. Remember that you can add a Description to every Task if you need to add more details to it, but again, discussions should be done in your default group chat tool. Same goes for file uploading, you probably already use Google Drive, Dropbox or a shared folder on your private network, uploading files to Tarea.pro would just create duplicates and confusion amongst the team on which is the most up to date version of the file.


Following on our aim for simplicity, Tarea.pro has a very minimal and simplistic theme because we want you to avoid distractions most of all. Our priority is to make Tarea.pro usable and to the point, not to look beautiful while distract you with stunning background photography and award winning illustrated icons.


We have developed Tarea.pro to be ultra damn light and to load fast regardless of your device and Internet connection. It doesn't matter if you have an iPhone 8 Plus with a 1GB broadband or a 5 years old cheap smartphone on a 2G connection, Tarea.pro loads damn fast and is available in no time. Also, we don't include invasive tools to spy on you and learn what you are doing so that makes Tarea.pro even faster and lighter. Here's some benchmarks on how Tarea.pro compares to other similar Apps:

Tarea.pro tasks view
We've gathered the five most popular and similar services
Weight of the App (this consumes mobile data, less is better)
Loading Speed
Time it takes to load the App and see something (less is better)
Tarea.pro 0.1 MB 0.8 seconds
RememberTheMilk 0.9 MB 3 seconds
Trello 1.1 MB 4 seconds
RedBooth 1.2 MB 4 seconds
Wunderlist 1.3 MB 5 seconds
Asana 2.3 MB 7 seconds