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Minimal to-do list and task project management

For startups, small businesses and teams that don't want strict working methodologies or complex tools, just get things done


Many teams are already using

Organizing your team and projects can be really easy and fast with the right tool

Minimal and simple

Fancy icons and fonts distracts us and our team from what's really important, getting things done.

Boom! There you have it, nice contrast with a subtle and effective design to keep you focused.

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What, When, Who

Don't overload your team members with tools that are difficult to understand, at a quick glance you can see who does what and what goes first.

Adding tasks, assigning them and prioritizing them is quick and easy, no need for intrincate menus because only the most important things matter.


Activity view keeps you always in the loop

Did you have meetings all morning? No worries, head to the Activity and see what everyone is doing.

You can choose to see the activity of the whole team, by list, task or by member too. Managing performance can be a piece of cake.

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Get your team on track

Set up your whole team while your tea is brewing (under 3 minutes)

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